Welcome Message

During the summer of 1997, the idea came to Iramene Florival & Duly Clermont to put together an association to help their hometown, Ouanaminthe, Haiti.
On October 10th of that same year, a meeting was held at Mrs. Florival’s house at the research of a name for the association. Many names were proposed but only one touched the hearts of many and Association Des Ouanaminthais (ADO) was agreed upon.
The Association Des Ouanaminthais (ADO) was later registered with the State of
Albany, and the board of directors were nominated. The first members nominated were Ms. Josie Pierre-Raymond as President and Mr. Dudley Pierre as Vice President. The organization broke ground in June 1998, on our first General Assembly where we presented the appointed officers to the general public. In 1999 elections were held and as a result Mr. Sylvio Etienne was elected President and Yvon Jean, Vice President.
In early 2000, ADO became a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, registered under New York state. During our second General Assembly in May of the same year held at The Flamboyant Night Club, we had our membership drive, to recruit new members. In 2006, Yvon Jean was nominated President, and Jean-Eddy Houanche, Vice President. They held these positions until 2011 when Darnel Abellard was elected President, and Jocelyn Pierre-Azor; Vice President.